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Social Media In Pensacola: Ways To Engage Your Audience

What do you consider as social media marketing? For some brands and businesses, the answer is simple; they see it as an opportunity to post relevant content, increase the base of their followers, and generate both engagements and thought leadership. But if you are limiting yourself to this definition, you will be missing out the most crucial aspect of social media in Pensacola marketing.

Every day, a whole lot of your target audience is talking about your brand-related topics, directly or indirectly. They do not mind if you hear about it or not, and they don’t follow special procedures to discuss and comment their topic of interest on your social network channels.

In order to get your audience engaged, you need to know where you can find these conversations, and how you can engage with them. You need to engage in social listening, and only very few brands do this. Don’t be among those that fail to engage in social-listening, build your social media in Pensacola strategy using the following tips.

Social Listening Should be Your Number One Priority

Should you spend a huge part of your resources going through posts on social media instead of posting your own content? The answer to the question is a clear yes. While a lot of businesses understand the overall value of social listening, they do not know how important it is to the success of businesses. If you aim is to grow the awareness of your brand with social media in Pensacola, your thinking should go beyond your brand and go towards your industry.

Experienced marketing agencies already know about the relevance of going beyond promotions and toward thought leadership. If you find relevant and helpful discussions related to your industry, the value of inserting valuable and thoughtful information without selling your product directly is immense.

Look For Relevant Keywords

Immediately you and your team fully understand the importance of social listening, it is time to develop strategies will help you scale and structure the process. Just like search engine optimization, creating those strategies involves finding phrases and keywords your audience often discuss. Naturally, the list of the keyword should include abbreviations, misspellings, and iterations of the name of your brand. The more the variations of your brand name you can come up that your audience are likely to search for, the lesser the chances of comments regarding your brand will pass you by.

In addition, you should also consider adding keywords for your competitors. You might not want to directly engage with every conversation regarding your competition, but it is very important to understand the discussions not only around you but your whole competitive environment.

Develop an Engagement Strategy

Even the best tools and keywords don’t really matter if you lack an idea of what to do when you find important discussions for your product. That is why you should not spend most of your time listening, but responding to the interesting conversations and topics, you find on social media in Pensacola. In other words, you should develop an engagement strategy. This way, you will find all kinds of comments, ranging from comparisons to praises to complaints and some other industry discussions. Develop a rubric that enables you to be strategic regarding the most suitable response to each kind of comment.


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